Creativity and Aisha go hand in hand. Having worked in creative development and its impacts on digital strategy, she has adopted a special niche for finding the most unique visuals for clients. Aisha is an Arizona State alumni, having a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication and a Juris Doctor from ASU’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. Aisha was also a former ASU Spirit Leader, and she still enjoys dancing in her free time.

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Emme Diane is a trusted and sought-after skin care expert, esthetician and skin care formulator on a mission to solve the seemingly unsolvable skin issues, from acne to aging and everything in between. With more than 20 years of professional experience in both medical and spa esthetics, Emme Diane is known for solving the “unsolvable” skin concerns, from acne to melasma, rosacea and aging skin. Her clients, who affectionately refer to her as the “Skin Whisperer,” describe her as nurturing and supportive with a wealth of knowledge.

Specializing in skin transformations, she offers local clients advanced skin care treatments that cannot be found anywhere else, as well as virtual skin consultations that result in remarkable skin transformations for her long distance clients worldwide.

Along with her obsessively researched line of clinical skin care products and proven methods of correcting even the most stubborn skin concerns, her mission is to have her clients love and feel confident in the skin they’re in.



Entrepreneur, Attorney, Mentor + Community-Enthusiast.

After leaving corporate law where Lauren negotiated multi-million dollar commercial contracts for a global corporation, Lauren started her law firm, Guide My Business to support local Arizona entrepreneurs. Now, Lauren has dedicated herself to helping entrepreneurs coast-to-coast find confidence in their legal foundation and alignment in their purpose with her podcast and contract template shop Legally Aligned. Lauren is here to provide you and your dream business with comfort, community, and contracts!



Kendall is coach, speaker, and entrepreneur to activate the light within you. She is a communication powerhouse with advanced skills from 15+ years of coaching, speaking and training experience in the non-profit and for-profit industries. Her experience coaching leaders and executives in brand strategy, corporate culture, sales and leadership development give her a unique perspective and holistic approach.

As a Certified Energy Coach, she helps individuals and organizations identify doorways of opportunity to create more flow, alignment, and impact in their lives. Kendall honors the human experience by helping her clients feel the shifts they want to make and create the action steps to integrate and embody the change they want. She isn’t afraid to challenge people to choose different perspectives that deliver the results they desire. Kendall’s approach is loving, safe, authentic, and unapologetic.

As the founder of Soul Saturations and host of Soul Saturations, The Podcast, Kendall helps you access your power and remember your true presence. As a sex and relationship coach, she gives you permission and a safe container to deeply connect with soul-centered sensuality and sexuality. @soulsaturations

She also founded a transformational container, Honoring the Power Of Presence, to help leaders and organizations embody a powerful energetic presence through custom consulting and business coaching in a highly engaging and accountable experience. @honoringthepowerofpresence



Des has an eye and passion for production. She has worked behind the scenes of major TV shows and networks such as The Dr.Phil Show, Lifetime, HGTV, and YouTube. Des knows what is visually appealing to an audience. This is why creating successful marketing campaigns and visually appealing digital content is her forte. Podcast and video production is her niche, and she loves being able to bring a clients vision into an audio/visual reality. When Des isn’t working behind the scenes, she loves kickboxing and photography.

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Fitness is so much more than making physical changes; it’s also about your mental health and spiritual growth along your own personal journey of wellness and self-care. As the owner of barre3 in North Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, I try to look at fitness holistically. It isn’t just a game-changing workout for the body but it also empowers the mind to help me become the best version of myself day in and day out, so I can continue to give back to my family, team, and inspiring clients.



Jessica got her start making costumes for a small youth theatre in Arizona when she was 16. A few years later, she moved to LA to attend fashion school and has been working steadily in film/tv ever since. Starting out as an assistant costume designer, she quickly progressed to costume designer for films and tv. Projects have taken her to Seattle, New Orleans, New Mexico, Texas and Washington DC.

Jessica has been in both the Costume Designers Guild and the Costumers Union for over a decade. Her work can also be seen on screens, in print, as well as digitally and she considers herself extremely lucky to be a part of the House Of Cards team that has received an Emmy Nomination and back to back Costume Designers Guild Award Nominations. Jessicas tenure in the film industry opened her eyes to just how terribly exclusive the fashion industry was. She was appalled at lack of representation of all women in products, advertisements, choices- so she new she could do better. With the help of a local fashion incubator in Arizona, Jessica was able to launch Naked Rebellion in six short months. Naked Rebellion is an inclusive lingerie line with 9 shades of nude- a nude shade for EVERY woman on earth.


Mika Perry is a lifestyle blogger, organizing expert, online educator, and a mom of 3 girls. In addition serving her online community who seek her simple tips for a more calm, organized, and intentional life, she and her husband own Design Pickle, an unlimited graphic design subscription service named in the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies. They also co-hosted Good To Be Home, a podcast on marriage, entrepreneurship, family, productivity, and how to balance business and life – which they recently wrapped up to focus on new opportunities and adventures.

Though she loves sharing organizing tips and motherhood hacks, Mika is most passionate about helping others unclutter the distractions of life, and live more in alignment to what matters most to them. Using her own experiences as examples, she believes that everyone has the strength and ability to change their habits and patterns, grow from life’s struggles and hardships, and create a thriving business and life. It just takes some honesty and courage – and good people to support you along the way!



Tara Hainsworth is a Hair Designer and owner of Hainsworth & Company Salon. After 10 years in the beauty industry creating a space where Hair Designers alike could professionally be apart of a family experience became her calling.

Opening Hainsworth & Company became the focus of her career over the last 3 years with many years ahead as growth is always on the horizon.

Creating beauty is their mission and spreading beauty is their reward. Education is a passion of Tara’s and has become apart of the mission to create confidence in women all over the globe. Education platforms such as online and in person are all apart of Tara’s daily career.

Tara is a mother of a 2 year old daughter named Olive Jay, and is a wife to her husband Eric who happens to be the Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Hainsworth & Company. Being partners in business and in life attributes to the success of H&Co.

In Tara’s free time connecting with friends and entrepreneurs is a priority and running her podcast Basically Beauty is an enjoyable project.



Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. Jenni Eisenberg helps you plant your roots, so you can build from a solid foundation. She is a strong believer when you create a blissful home space, the rest of your life will flourish. Home is where the heart is. It’s a sense of safety, security, love, and endless memories. Ironically, it’s also single handley one of the most important investments you will make and a primary contributor of your wealth. Because of this, after 10+ years building and scaling sales organization and teams, Jenni set foot to guide others in their home buying and selling process. Originally from LA, Jenni worked for a luxury real estate brokerage in the Pacific Palisades where she served a magnitude of clients, whom she soon called friends. After laying her own roots down in AZ, she felt called to start her own concierge approach to real estate. Jenniwithani for Homes uses careful guidance, patience and persistence to get her clients results.

Jenni is an intuitive, spiritual, analytical mix. She has always felt the need to serve others and pass on the toolbox that has helped her feel most alive and healthy. In addition to a space to call home, Jenni believes that toolbox is one within the physical body and can be best served through physical movement. Jenni is the creator of Sizzle Sesh, which is a fusion of yoga, HIIT training, and self expression.

For latest inspo on all things #home, #architecture, #remodels, #newbuilds #interior design, #fengshui, #finishes, #spacecreation, #beauty, #hotspots, #azlife, #yoga, #fitness, follow @Jenniwithaniforhomes or visit for market updates & listings in your area!



Owner of Élan Photographie Studio and Hosting Blogger- I founded my photography company in 2008. It’s created opportunity for some of my greatest successes and has equally sharpened my problem-solving reflexes. For a few years, it carried me to New York City to work for a high-end wedding photography studio underneath some of the most renowned wedding photographers in the city. I decided to re-plant in Colorado Springs during 2015. Since I’ve grown my own team and opened a physical studio in our downtown that served as a rentable space for other creatives. While my company was rooted in portraiture work originally, I’ve transitioned my work into primarily working alongside companies and other business owners, documenting what they’re creating both digital and print assets. And while now having two very little humans at home- I’ve learned that all of this is less about balance and much more a really busy juggling act.

As a marketing arm of my photography company in 2017 I built a lifestyle blog and Instagram, Fortitude and Finn. It’s provided wonderful space for curating beautiful community dinners, space to work with companies in new ways, telling more full stories, and also getting to provide photo assets with a more global reach. I’m so looking forward to taking what I’ve learned and sharing it with this wonderful group of women, all of the while, learning from the ones gathering within the Foundress.

Karen’s work has been featured on/in: Dwell Magazine + Vail Mag + “Romantic Hampton Wedding” via Pinterest + Mountain Living Magazine + Hygge Life’s book Dwell, Gather, Be. And as worked with, Parachute Home, The BROADMOOR Resort, BHLDN, Formulary 55, NUNA Stroller Company, and more.



Samantha Harper is an executive leadership coach and sound healer who helps high-performance leaders increase their efficiency and impact through her creative approach to deep coaching.

Samantha holds a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling with over twenty thousand hours experience in a clinical setting. Her areas of expertise include expressive art therapy and trauma. Her experience working with some of the most challenging populations allowed her to develop transformative solutions even for those with immense barriers to success.

Her unique process for uncovering obstacles allows her to pull from several modalities and apply her diverse knowledge to create individualized solutions for each of her clients.

She has walked with hundreds of people in their transformational journey towards developing their awareness,honing their interpersonal skills, building deeper emotional intelligence, and enhancing their leadership capacity –all yielding measurable results and sustainable change. Samantha’s passion for human potential is evident in her commitment to her clients and their success. Learn more at



Lauren is the owner and photographer behind Be Peachie, a brand photography studio specializing in helping womxn led brands confidently market their businesses with fun, strategic images. She has taken her marketing degree and years of ad agency experience and brought them to the world of entrepreneurship, helping her clients create compelling content that builds trust and connection with their customers. When she’s not behind-the-camera you can find Lauren bounding around Disneyland (yes, she’s an annual pass holder #whatup). If you want to be her new BFF, try offering her chocolate chip cookies or bring her a Diet Coke (fountain, obviously.)